Friday, April 24, 2009

healthy food ????

Okay, for those of you who know anything about me, you know I am the worst eater, drink way to much coke, and hate to work out...well in an effort to prepare for baby #2 (no, not even close to being preggo...)I have decided to adopt my version of healthy eatting

I am looking into a diet that works to control the pH in your body...Some believe that when your body is out of whack, you are at a higher risk for health problems, including cancer. While I am very very new to all of this, it seems very interesting. I am starting slow, very slow!

My new favorite thing to do is JUICE my veggies. I have found it much easier to literally chug a glass of veggies than to painfully chew a whole bowl...So I will post my concoction's for you, if you would like to try and my comments on each.

This morning:

2 oranges (usually always include the oranges for taste) - Vitamins C
2 cups organic spinach -Vitamin B6
2 organic carrots -beta carotene
1/2 organic cherry tomatoes -Vitamin A

This one was tough to choke down, the spinach gave it a very bitter taste...and a very green color. I often have to close my eyes :)


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Whitney, Judd, and Sadie said...

Wow, so impressed! I'm proud of you Stephanie!!